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Samsung will not honor my warranty with the G9.

(Topic created on: 1/13/21 6:15 PM)
Monitors and Memory

I'm getting vertical line flickering on left of middle of the screen. I see others have the same issue with the 30 series NVIDIA cards and latest firmware and a replacement is the only solution...


I called and setup a exchange request and was approved. Waited a week and no change in status and no one reached out to me. I had to call for them to tell me they can't exchange it as they have no units to replace it! This is rediculous! I'm under warranty and your going to make me refund the unit or choose a monitor of similar value??? I want THIS monitor and this one only. How is it possible that you have ZERO units available to replace my broken unit that is under warranty?!?! 


I'm sort of at a loss here and not sure what to do. Samsung is basically forcing me to return at this point. Never had a company do this before... 

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