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Sd card formatting as internal storage on A01

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So I used my windows 10 computer to set my sd card as internal storage by using command prompts. It was successful. However, when I tried to move my files over it still said not enough storage. When I click on storage it shows I have 32gb of storage available. I have tried everything and I can promise I will never buy another Samsung again and I will inform everyone I know not to buy one due to little storage and not being able to move files to sd card. Its ridiculous if you ask me.

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It's truly not that difficult perhaps you are not taking the correct steps or perhaps what you are trying to transfer is bigger than the space you have I bought a 256gb samsung SD off Amazon and my files transferred just fine
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Try copying those files "by hand", by dropping into CMD.EXE in administrator mode.

First you're going to need to know two or three things. 1) The location of the files you want to move. 2) The drive letter of the SD Card you want to move them to, and any directories you want to put them in. 3) If you want those files copied to a specific directory on your SD card make sure it exists, and if not, make sure to create it yourself.

If you want to put your files into the directory MyFile on drive E, type this:
MD E:\MyFiles
Followed by the return/enter key.

Click in Windows Search Window (Bottom Left by the Windows button) and type in CMD.EXE

Click "Windows" -> Search - Type in "CMD.EXE" -> OK

Either of those will search your computer for the CMD.EXE file. When it finds it, Left Click on CMD.EXE and Right Click "Run as Administrator"

This will give you the ability to da nearly anything, so be careful.

Next find out where on your computer the files you want to copy are located. It will probably look something like:


In this case you would type:
CD C:\Users\Files\Documents

Now locate your SD Card. It's most likely something like "E:\"

In Windows \ DOS parlence here is a quick into to understanding paths. A path is like a URL, but rather pointing to a file on the internet, it points to a file on your computer. Basically.

Any a path breaks down like this:
(Drive Containg File) : \ SubDirectory \ File.txt

So a file named x.txt living on the Root (main) directory of drive C would have a "path" of:

And if it was in a directory called Stuff it would be:

And if there are ANY spaces, you need double quotes.
"C:\More Stuff\x.txt"

The rules concerning the placement of double quotation marks can be a bit arcane, so I gave you the simple version.

Now, for simplicity's sake I reccomend that you make the directory with the files to be moved, your "working" or "current" directory. So type:
CD "C:\Path\to files"

Then press (Enter).

Assuming your files are File1.txt, File2.Doc and File3.png, you can type:
COPY File1.txt E:\MyFiles
COPY File2.doc E:\MyFiles
COPY File1.png E:\MyFiles

Which will copy only those 3 files onto drive e, and into the ALREADY EXISTING directory MyFiles.

You should really compare the copies to the originals, but I gotta go.

When you decide youre done, remember to delete the original files.
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Thank you for sharing! 

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