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Smart Monitor M8 - Camera not working with HDMI and Desktop Windows 11

(Topic created: 06-27-2022 12:53 PM)
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I have connected Smart Monitor M8 to my desktop PC (Windows 11) following the instructions at:

I have an HDMI cable and also an USB-C cable connected to the left port of the monitor, both connected to the PC, like instructions say to do.

The PC is recognizing the camera, I can see it plugged as an USB device, but when I try to use it with any app, it does not work.

This is a different issue compared to this other post about the camera, because my PC (like many others) does not have a thunderbolt port.

There is a hacky way to make the camera work, which is using the Multiple View mode from the monitor: for some reason with multiple view, the Usb-C can work with the HDMI.

This is clearly a system bug: hdmi connection should work along with the usb-c for camera as well.

M8 is a new and pricey monitor, I would expect these functions to work properly..
Can we get a fix for this setup please?

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I know this is off topic but how is windows 11?