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T7 SSD format

I just purchased a Samsung T7 SSD . I plugged it into my desktop and put about 30GB of data and photos on it. But when I attach it to my Google Pixel 4a I get a message saying the drive needs to be formatted. I thought the drive was already formatted in exfat and should work in both windows 10 and android . If I format the T7 I'll lose all the data I put on it on the desktop. And what would I format to? Fat32? Help appreciated.....


Re: T7 SSD format

Hello user4glmuQGYSs,


The T7 does use the EXFAT format style from the box. I'm not to sure what format style the Pixel 4a uses but it should support EXFAT, I would assume since you would be using a newer version of Android. I'd say contact your tech support for the phone to verify, but if the computer was able to see the T7 using EXFAT and it let you transfer files to it, it sounds to me like the drive should be fine.