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U32J590UQN monitor doesn’t wake when MacBook Pro wakes

I have a U32J590 connected to my Macbook Pro (purchased in 2019) via a USB-C dock. Recently, I used the dock to connect a Surface 7 to the monitor. I later reconnected to the MacBook and everything appeared to be fine, but after allowing the MacBook the monitor to sleep overnight, the display no longer wants to leave the energy saver mode.  I have tried every combination of shutting down and unplugging both devices to get things back to normal, but to no avail. The MacBook's graphics card thinks it is talking to the monitor (@30Hz into HDMI1). 


(BTW, I am not suggesting that the Surface had anything to do with it, but the problem did not occur until after the connection. It could be just casual, but it might be related.)


Can someone help me?