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Ultra-Wide 43" Curved Monitor (LC43J890) Needs USB Switch Keyboard Shortcut - Suggestion

The lC43J890 is an awesome monitor that features the ability to connect multiple computers for display and keyboard control using a KVM switch feature (KVM=Keyboard video Monitor). In the Picture by Picture mode you can see two computers and "USB switch" your keyboard between each picture/computer. Unlike all KVM switches and other monitors with this feature, the USB switch is only switchable via a button on the monitor instead of via the keyboard. At 43" you don't sit closer than your arm length and you need to move to reach the monitor to switch the USB input button, which takes two presses; one to enable the button and again to switch the USB, it is counterproductive. Samsung needs to provide either a software control or support the keypress via the monitor itself in usb hardware (like a real KVM switch).