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Will there be DDC/CI support for DisplayPort 1.4 in Odyssey G9 in future?

(Topic created: 08-13-2021 09:44 PM)
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While Samsung hasn't stopped giving firmware updates for G9 even though there's the new Neo G9 in the market, it gives me hope that a firmware update may add support of DDC/CI for DisplayPort in G9.

The reason why I need DDC/CI support is that I could then adjust brightness and contrast via software rather than having to use the monitor's physical button which is quite inconvenient. Such feature is supported even on the cheapest monitors out there. Having this feature absent in a flagship monitor boggles me to this day.

I could use HDMI port which does support DDC/CI but then I have to say goodbye to higher refresh rates (and probably HDR, not sure about this one) 

So, just want to confirm if a firmware update can add the support or not.

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bump!  i need it for volume control purposes.