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Windows 10 freezes with Samsung 860 EVO SSD 500 GB

Some times, like the title says, windows randomly freezes and all things are blocked (I can't even move the mouse, the only thing I can do is hard reboot). The system I'm using is an Asus laptop which had a mechanical hard drive, which I upgraded to my actual SSD. In the bios settings AHCI mode is enabled, Samsung Magician RAPID mode is enabled, and the firmware of the ssd is updated to the last version. Is something I can do? This problem never happened with the old drive though.

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Re: Windows 10 freezes with Samsung 860 EVO SSD 500 GB

hi @user2jLQdqFjgK 

I hope you are doing well. thank you for your inquiry regarding the random freezes of your computer

as the look of it there might be a problem on the software side of your operating system lets do quick troubleshooting.

Is it a fresh install? if it is then you should download all the necessary drivers for the device you can use this link for driver downloads


if you cloned it the device or migrated using the software you should try defragging your drive for better system structure 


in the event that your problem still continues, you should check the blocks of or RAM/Memory 

this is a little bit tricky but if done properly you can check the ram of your device


if you still have question feel free to ask it here at our community 


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