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existing HD is evo 840 -- migration ( cloning ) fails

I have a 250GB EVO 840 drive.  Win 7 64bit.

I purchased an EVO 860 1TB drive and cloning the EVO 840 fails with Samsung Utility and EASEUS.

Tried Cloning sector by sector,  The closest I've gotten is trying to do a system startup repair.


Also...  How can I erase my EVO 860.  My HP does not support boot from USB

So far my only solution has been to take my "boot USP drive"  down to my Dell Laptop,  remove the HDD,  instert the EVO 860...  Boot from Linux USB startup...   then I have to manage to get the 840 SSD out of the drive bay and back in with the power still on as per instructions...  never fails to happen.. ( battery has to be removed to get to HDD slot).

This is a major pain in the neck.

Can I boot from the usb drive,  have my 840 EVO in a HDD adapter and reset the drive that way ( without wiping out my Dells system drive )


Better yet,  is there any way to boot from a CD since my Desktop is already apart, rather than tear my laptop apart .


I'd like to really hear someone's take on why my 840 EVO will not clone.    sector by sector cloning fails,  noting works.   I used Samsung's migration software in my laptop when I installed an 860 EVO and never had a problem.


The only thing that has come close is Macrium Reflect software from the UK - and that was just with the free download. 

I'd really like to figure out whats going on with the EVO 840.  I can't update the firmware on it either.


Many thanks for any help.





Re: existing HD is evo 840 -- migration ( cloning ) fails

Maybe you can create a bootable CD and then have a try.  I cloned my hard drive via AOMEI Backupper Standard.  I remember it's equipped with the feature of creating bootable CD. Hope it can help you.