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my monitor acts weird

(Topic created: 10-04-2022 11:11 PM)
Monitors and Memory

Untitled.pngi have model lu28h750uqnxza normally it loses connection by itself from my cpu and it goes dark for some seconds this happens regularly, then in this picture this happened when the power button stopped working and the monitor stopped turning off by itself soon it happened but when i put it to sleep mode that happened. now the power button works again and the previous issue with the disconnection is back. anyone knows how i can fix this? if not i try a Samsung tech i just hope it can be fixable without the need of paying one. the black screen it happens rarely when i close a game and the only way to fix that is restarting explorer. also i tried other HDMI cables it is always the same sometimes when i turn the pc on and monitor the monitor decides to go on a turn off on loop.e76488eb-7b28-4f0e-98a1-1e6c6ae07b8e.jpg


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