Galaxy for a decade


Galaxy for a decade

Hi all,


After 10 years of having Samsung in one`s life I think its time to share a long experience and say something that im sure the support staff has been wanting to say for years.


Before i do heres a short recap of all the samsung tech in 10 years: Note 1/2/4/7 Galaxy S 3/6/9+ Galaxy Core Prime; Galaxy J5 2017 and A5 2016 - as backup phones or house phones Smart Tv ES6150 Series/ H52xx - H62xx Series / KU6300 4K UHD (x3) Samsung Note 10 Tablet 2014 edition; Ultrabook Series 9 2015 - old work laptop.


I have never been a full out fanboy of Samsung neither am I a sheeple like some. I use their tech to fill a need for a function and purchase them as to fuffil said requierments. Along side them there are plenty of other brands within the household that are here for the same reason.


What I love about the Samsung tech is easy : it delivers what it advertises. - with this if you are one of the many update excited sheep that cant live without the latest . patch and your crying about the fact that you 1k price tag device is stuck on - please dont bother replying or joining the topic.

Samsung deliveres a long lasting device that still dose the function it was destined for years after the warranty has gone out. 


For the last 2 years as a main device i had switched back to my Note 4 - shockingly still having a 1 day battery life after sitting in a box on my shelf for about a year or so. To my supprise spec wise i can still place it on a medium range device list of late 2018. - This is what its all about ! Its almost 4 years since i bought it yet I can still use it with all its features and keep pace with my daily tasks. And its runing android 6 with no issues of payments compatability or slowdowns.


For the past month I jumped to the s9+ mainly because the note 9 was out of my price range for the time being. Truth be told you feel the difrences between the 2 years apart android systems, but as a user you need to be aware of the following: Android is not owned by the manufacturers.

When purchasing a phone i take the aprouch much like purchasing a PC or laptop. I do not call upon the manufacturer of my currently Thinkpad or Razor to ask them when is Windows or Linux upgrading for my device. Neither do i cry to them that my device cant recognize the bluetooth of my car or headset since they are obviously from a diffrent brand servicing diffrent needs.

All retailers have a period of return - fact of life in the 21st century- for my S9+ its 30 days. In these days the poor phone has went through "hades" to say the least. Paired with all my device, tested to the max amount of usage i would ever need, jacked in and out of all my devices and the ones from work as well. If one of my friends have a diffrent model device nearby I am asking to test it with my phone. 500 apps have found their way into it and are awaiting removal after the 30 days are done. I find it funny to browser the forum here and notice some people that on the second month they miraclesly noticed that their 6 year old car that they have owned for years to come is not pairing with their "expensive smartphone". Wonder in what high class hotel they where stuck for those 2 months since they did not try to pair their phone with the car in that period of time? Smiley Happy)


Slow updates - love it how people cry when its their phones  yet get angry when its their PC`s. I never liked the idea of updates for wearables. True they serve a great porpuse yet i consider the fact that at least once every 16 months i buy a new device since wear and tear may claim one or just because i like something new in my life. For those that have this issue there is a old saying you should take to heart : "slow and steady wins the race". I rather have only 1 major update once and have it done right then take a leap of faith that a dev. team was not rushed and pressured by a comunity of children to deliver more fast something that is not realy needed. ( but at least i check up reviews and read about them before doing the leap unlike the ones that decide to post demands for rollbacks here Smiley Happy )


As a conclusion to this long rant : For all those that have to support the growing masses of children and complainers... we the "power users" salute you


Best wishes,

An adds designer.

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