New Galaxy 46mm silver Tizen watch questions/issues


New Galaxy 46mm silver Tizen watch questions/issues

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Hey all, brand new here. Picked up my new watch at Best Buy 2 days ago. Having an issue.

It seems the weather app (ACCU Weather) doesn't recognize my Wundergound PWS and ACCU defaults to other stations. I'm hooked up with the NWS (CWOP) and listed on Meso West. ACCU weather app also doesn't seem to update a lot as well. Seems hit and miss. Is there another app/widget that I can use such as Wunderground or is it restricted yo ACCU weather only? Would like one that shows up on watch face like ACCU weather. I have the Wunderground app on my phone (S7E) and it works fine placing my PWS temp and all in the status bar. I'd hate to think the watch is only limited to the one default app (ACCU).  One of the reasons (of many) I chose this watch as I'm a local weather guru in the moutains where I live and constantly in touch with th NWS.  Having a couple other small issues yet, but will try and sort them out  before posting. Thanks in advance..