Samsung Galaxy Smart Phone Components

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Samsung Galaxy Smart Phone Components

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So, with all the rumors I've been reading for the 10th Anniversary Galaxy Flagships, it seems we are getting the power of: 


- 7nm Snapdragon 855 Chipset. 

- New 10nm 8GB RAM CARDS (if i remember that correctly). 


So, both the Processor and the new RAM are supposed to deliver individually their own Speed, and Power Efficiency. 


AND we are FINALLY getting an In Display Fingerprint Reader! 


And, if I remember correctly, not too long ago, there was an article online that stated the Fingerprint Sensor on the backs of the Galaxy Phones were the reason that we weren't seeing larger batteries inside these expensive as heck phones... 


Well Samsung, now that we are getting the In Display Fingerprint Sensor, there should be no excuse not to fit a 3200mAh to 3500mAh battery inside the Galaxy S10, and a 3800mAh to 4000mAh battery inside the Galaxy S10+ and a 4200mAh to 4500mAh battery inside the Note10! There is no excuse not to, especially when you claim that the new Processor and RAM are supposed to be FASTER and take up LESS ROOM inside the phones. Excuses at that point are ALL HOGWASH. - And I do believe the reality is, all you have to do with the new Phones is to make the Dual and Triple Lens Cameras in Horizontal alignment... BOOM! More battery space! 


Also, since you developed NEW RAM, there should be no excuse to not load 10GB RAM into the Note10 for base starting, that would make it a real POWERHOUSE. 


And to conclude my rant, you seriously need to order a Snapdragon 860 or something for the Note10... the Note Series used to be the most Feature packed and Powerful Android phone out... Not so much a king anymore, especially with phones like the Google Pixel packing PURE ANDROID that for some reason isn't good enough for SAMSUNG TO USE... Why? who the heck knows... 


And ya know, at this point, you really need a better Processor for the Galaxy Note10 or something because at this point, all it really is, is an overpriced Galaxy S+ with Stylus. That's not a real differentiator... Look at it this way, your sales are plummeting because your Galaxy Phones aren't at their full potential anymore. 


But seriously! You aren't gonna listen when we say, "TOO DANG EXPENSIVE!" so at least make it worth the price... So what if you have to make the phone thicker? Sometimes that really is better...