Attaching Pictures to Your Community Post

Samsung Moderator

Attaching Pictures to Your Community Post

Attaching pictures to your posts in the Community is a helpful way to show others what’s wrong with your device. For this example, I will be responding to a post using a PC/laptop. The look of things will be similar, but a bit different from the mobile app.

 When you first click respond on a thread, your page should look like this:


 Note the small picture of the camera next to your numbered and bullet point list. This icon indicates that a picture can be added.

 The only way to add photos is by embedding them. These pictures will first need to be added to an external website (like Imgur) before they can be embedded. Once you click on the camera icon, this page will pop up:



The Source box is where the image URL is placed. For example; if the picture is saved to your Google Docs sheet, you would add the specific URL “” in the source box.

 The “Image description” box is a general description of the image you are attaching. For example; if the picture is of your blue Note 9, you can use Blue Note 9 as the description.

 Finally, you see the boxes for the dimensions. These fields denote the dimensions of the picture as it will be seen on Community. This will sometimes be larger than the file size it was saved as.

 Once you’ve filled this in, simply press “Ok” and post your reply. Depending on the website the picture was saved to, a representation of the picture will be seen directly in the post. In some instances, the only thing shown will be the link to the website itself where the picture is saved.