Community Guidelines [6.22.2018]


Community Guidelines [6.22.2018]

[ Edited ]

This community is a place where you, as Samsung enthusiasts, can come to share ideas, ask questions, and get guidance from fellow community members. The following guidelines have been drafted to help you in using the community, as well as set expectations surrounding community etiquette.

Show Common Courtesy

In essence, be nice. Treat your fellow community members as you would want to be treated and respect one another.

  • Refrain from inappropriate language and derogatory or personal attacks
  • Please do not post in all caps or use urgent phrasing
  • Watch your sense of humor, it can be difficult to convey in text.

Search First

Within a large community, it is expected that there may be some repeat questions and answers floating around. With that in mind, it is a good idea to search the community first using the search bar at the top of the page.  This may bring up what you are looking for and provide a quick solution to you!

Out of Place Posts

If you have a new question, be sure to ask it in the right thread to make sure that people are able to answer your question easily. Feel like you have a unique question? Find the product most relevant to you and post it there. Refrain from posting the same question to several product sections.

No Takeovers

When a topic is being discussed please do not respond with a new or different topic within the same thread. It is better to start a new post, if your question contains new subject matter.

Ask Thorough Questions

When posing a question to the community be sure you are as thorough as possible. This means providing information on what product you are using, the steps you have tried in an attempt to resolve your question, and any other relevant information.

Here is a quick checklist for your reference:

Product Name:

Software Version:

Posed Question:

Steps already taken:

The information needed may be different depending on your product.

In addition, please avoid using slang when describing a product feature or situation. Check out our “How to Post” guide for more tips.

Furthermore, avoid posting personal infomation. Only post information relative to solving your problem.

Be Mindful

While Samsung has created this community, please remember that the advice provided is the advice of other community members. Only you are responsible for following community advice and deciding whether or not to follow it. If you see an answer that sounds wrong to you, do not follow its steps or suggestions. Be mindful when providing and receiving assistance. Ensure that you understand warranty boundaries as well before performing steps suggested.

Give Thorough Answers

While you may feel like an answer is simple, technology can at times be difficult to understand or relate to. When giving your answers, be sure to go the extra mile and describe details in how to resolve the question. You can do this by giving step by step instructions, showing pictures or screenshots, and keeping your answers simple and to the point.

Who knows, if an answer is thorough, it may get tagged as approved content by a Samsung representative!

Response Times

Sometimes your post might not get responded too right away and there may be several factors involved as to why. Please refrain from “bumping” your post to the top by posting a single word response to draw attention. If you are waiting for a response try doing the following:

  • Do additional research; is full of valuable support materials to reference when you have a question
  • If you notice you are receiving a lot of views but no responses, you may need to include additional information. Check above for a brief checklist of typical information needed to resolve a question
  • Avoid phrases like Help, Urgent and etc.

Accept Solutions

When someone has responded to your question and provided an answer that you found helpful in resolving your issue, be sure to mark it as an accepted solution. This allows community members to quickly find answers if they encounter the same problem and makes the community grow stronger. Feel free to give some Kudos too!

Respect the Staff

Members of the Samsung staff have been chosen for their ability to implement consistent good judgement and will ultimately have final say. They cannot always please everyone with the decisions made; however please do your part to contribute to a healthy community environment.

Things to Avoid

Please remember that this is a public forum. Please avoid the following to ensure your privacy is upheld

  • Discussing personal contact information within a thread
  • Discussing personal contact information within a private message not affiliated with a Samsung Moderator.

Restricted and Abusive Behavior

This community is built upon the foundation of sharing product knowledge and customer experiences. Please refrain from the following behavior:

  • Discussing ways to get around Samsung Policy
  • Discussing banned or suspended members who are no longer registered
  • Soliciting another product or service
  • Encouraging others to violate the community guidelines
  • Posting unacceptable images
  • Posting or linking to adult or pornographic content
  • Attempting to impersonate Samsung staff or employees
  • Creating multiple user accounts
  • Changing username more than two times per year
  • Posting a web URL within the title of a post
  • Misusing the report abuse feature
  • Promoting illegal activity
  • Posting bigoted or hateful speech
  • Posting spam
  • Disregarding directions given from moderators
  • Claiming ownership of unreleased devices

Note: This is not a community for reselling products, all posts attempting to sell a product will be removed.