How To Post A New Topic


How To Post A New Topic

1. Use the Search Bar to look for posts related to what you would like to post. Search Image.JPG*If you could not find any related posts proceed to step 2


2. Navigate to the appropriate board for your topic.

            *Example: If you have a Galaxy S 7, Click Cell Phones > Galaxy S PhonesCategory.JPGsub category.JPG



3. Once on the correct board, click the “start a topic” icon at the top of the page   

start a topic.JPG

4. Once within the topic page, give your topic a title.

Note: Do not include links in the title of your topic and avoid using one word titles


5. Write your post

*Be sure to include steps you have already tried and relevant product information

* When including images, it is best to insert them into the post.Write Post.JPG

6. Add Labels and Tags

* Adding labels and tags helps our search functionality work better and helps others find questions related to the product

add tags and labels.JPG

7. Subscribe to email alerts

* Be sure this box is checked to ensure that you receive updates when someone responds to your post.

8. Click Post to publish your topic