Promotional Questions

Promotional Questions

Questions about a recent promotion? Wondering where your gift is? Do you think you received the wrong item? Curious about the status of your submission?


We want to be sure you get the information you need from the best source. Prize Logic is a separate company that runs most of the promotions offered on


Follow these steps for answers to your questions:


1. Check your submission status.
2. Contact Prize Logic.


Gear Fit 2 Promotion Questions

Why does your site say, "Congratulations! Your submission has been approved and your gift has been processed and is currently in route," when a person hasn't recieved any email from the time the application was approved?

Why is it impossible to get an exact or close to exact answer on the status of the order? Why does your promotion department offer no other answer than you'll just have to wait?

I fairly understand the 12 week wait, but your site shouldn't say that it is currently in route when it is not and/or the person hasn't received the email.

At this point, especially with this whole Note 7 nonsense, I'm ready to just switch my phone to another brand.