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Community Manager

Calling All Gamers


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Whether you’re like me and constantly get stuck in tough dungeon mazes, want to share your thoughts on a new game in your rotation, or just want to humbly brag about your latest achievement, we’ve got the group for you. If you’re into gaming, it’s definitely worth checking out.


Head here and join the conversation.


Some quick do’s and don’ts for the group:



  • Join conversations with topics you’re familiar with or interested in.
  • Guide others to threads that might interest them.
  • Make sure the pictures, screenshots, and videos you’re posting fit the thread.
  • Be courteous of other users.
  • Each user is on their own level.
  • Report spam or scammers.



  • Post illegal gaming tips or hacks. Sorry not sorry, it’s the law.
  • Share imagery without proper credit to the originator.
  • Post comments or with inappropriate language or discrimination.
  • Put down others’ accomplishments. Play nice.
  • Post any solicitations or advertisements.


And most importantly GLHF! I hope to see you all there!



I like Samsung Galaxy and I want the 10 Plus

Community Manager
Community Manager

Nice choice @userCNfh99akcr! Get all the details you need and order the Galaxy S10+, here.


I already have samsung Galaxy S8 But I also need S10+ to enhance my gaming experience.


I really like samsung s10 plus. It's wonderful.


I like samsung game, fast and best experiences. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

You're in luck @promoocodes, the Galaxy S10+ won't let you down. Get details on ordering here and check out available trade-in options, here.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Glad to hear it, @user8UMqepSJsT. What's your favorite feature?

Community Manager
Community Manager

You've got that right @AhmadBRO! Do you have a go-to mobile game?


Samsung case LED light not working drama is software problem it's not support that case lights not working and time and messages the reason is software problem this application now it's not working anymore to support this phone how to back


I have an issue, and I believe this is the best contact I could find to resolve it. My sister has the S10, and a literal stranger took it from her, and claimed the Ikonik bundle on it. Is it possible to revert the purchase?


despite being loyal to apple for 5 years ,got this exciting s10 , no doubt works great

flawless , good camera 

but one thing there's one main freaking thing that is making me goin crazy , this phone regurarly shows moisture detection error notification even though my phone's not been exposed to water , not at all. 

Had my presentation this day, had my battery running low , thinking to charge in car but out of no where pops up this error again , i missed my presentation , my data , my address because of this ridiclous error.


Hi, guys & gals. I have an s8 also. What do you guys think if I told Samsung that I would get get "Samsung" tattooed anywhere they'd like me to for a Note 10+? Any opinions??


Any word on a Fortnite skin for the Note 10? 

hello all, I have a question for anyone who can help me. My grandson wants to get the ikonit skin for fornite on my note 10 plus. So my question is can I get it on the note 10 plus?

I bought a 2019 Qled Tv to game on bcuz Freesync seemed like the best way to go but I’ve had nothing but issues. Freesync on my set is unplayable it creates super bright blue Coronas in dark areas of the screen from the over aggressive overdrive and with numerous attempts to get some sort of answer or resolution I’ve finally given up. Sad bcuz other than gaming the picture was pretty impressive. But I found a lot of alternatives that are a lot cheaper without Freesync with just as fast of a respose time and similar input lag.


hello samsung, i would love it if you guys bring your own mouse for gaming. love your products.


Hello guys,


I can’t purchase anything in fortnite store, no vbucks and no bundles. When I go there there’s literally nothing just “no offers available” message.


Does anyone know what do I do




Love my new S10e. I'm still in my baby steps in android since this is my first time having one and I never regret it.


Why is the s10e exynos version so bad. It keeps lagging. I want samsung to fix this or give me a refund or change it with a snapdragon.


valid fortnite game for country KOSOVO  PLZZZ SAMSUNG PLZZZZ


I have the Galaxy S7 Edge but I am unable to get the Fortnite Glow Skin, the problem is possibly the fact that I live in a small country called Maldives and it is not available there. I feel that that is very unfair and we Maldivians should have the opportunity to feel what others feel in the community. Also every time I start up Fortnite Mobile an error "E9259/9002/com.epicgames.fortnite" appears. Can I have a solution please. @SamsungAlix  

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

@usernN7HrKLQKx We recommend that you reach out to Epic games in regards to your error code you are receiving. 


Anyone playing the new Call of Duty Mobile?


Do you earn any rewards for joining groups?


I wish my Samsung Galaxy A50 can run fortnite 



I'm trying to claim my hundred dollars on ingame items in fortnite but says I need to register but I keep registering and it says already registered but still doesn't work



I'm sorry to ask, but will the Galaxy Skin promotion return to the US/UK anytime in the future? 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

@userGRX61WU5zn We can't speculate on promotions that may or may not happen in the future. However, if we do bring back the Galaxy Skin promotion we will make an announcement about it being available. 


I'm kind of in a predicament. I logged on to my Fortnite account and I found out that I got some items taken away. So I contacted Epic asking what happened. They said that my items were refunded. They also said it was requested by Samsung, even though I haven't purchased any item from my Samsung account.  I only purchased stuff on my Switch. I need help contacting someone who specializes in this stuff and ask why this refund was requested.


Would be nice if we could use our console controller 

Cosmic Ray

why Smsung flagship of 2019 - Note 10 + do not support Sony controllers? is that a joke ? I cant lugh about.

Samsung know about months and do no enything.

Whats wrong with Samsung?



I love Samsung, now I'm playing games with Note 10+, it's a great experience for Android mobile phones
I can still play the apk mod  game and it still works very well


I use Samsung for gaming, as an athlete my two favorite tasks are drinking different Gatorade flavors and tracking my sports progress on Samsung because it has all the builtin tools.

Cosmic Ray

I have an s9 plus, and I don't plan to upgrade until my phone quits on me.For gaming, I use emulators, and remote play  and have only minor issues with lag on one app. I just do regular maintenance, close out apps, use the ad blockers they'll save battery and memory, when browsing. The audio quality is tops as well. I use sound assistant along with the music app. Ive learned how to use these phones as I've gone, one major thing is to leave plenty of space on the internal memory. Get a fast speed sd card with enough space for your needs.


why Smsung flagship of 2019 - Note 10 + do not support Sony controllers? 

WhatsApp Status Funny

Life Status In English


I like s10+


You can never go wrong with Gaming on a Samsung device!


Dear @userIkjyMexU8D

of course, you can. For your reference please check this,


I am sharing the best games I have played on Android and Samsung.


Comment your favourite games


problem with fps drop on Note 10 Snapdragon. After 15 min when phone rich 40c fps droo from 60 to 54 fps, and then have micro stuttering/lagging. Before on A9 fps was steady all the time, and now after update to A10 problem come. I do hard reset and clean install of the game but was the same. Can Samsung fix this with some update or something. I have pay 1000e for this device. My friend have Black Shark 2 with same cpu/gpu and on the same settings hold 60 fps.


Love the note 10 plus but not happy with the super fast changing that was shown is not there anymore but someone on here I forgot the tagers name sorry but if you put a  Regular fast charging why when the screen is on to keep the percentage shows white if you put the super fast charging wanted the deck came with the foam the 25 W when the screen is on and no to percent a circle shows blue overall gaming on here is great LOVE THIS PHONE!!!!!!