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Galaxy S20 Announcement: Specs and Info

With the launch of the Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra, Samsung has delivered a mobile device that’s in a class of its own.


Check out these infographics to learn more about which Galaxy S device is best for you: 





Absolutely amazing. Hoping to experience this beast for myself. Way to go! 💪

The new S20 Line-Up is great! Everyone that gets one will not be disappointed 👍


Hello Samsung How's it going!! I am sure it is going #Amazing.
I am happy for you, for all the work you have done and still doing for the coming next.
I were wish I could afford the cost of your new device GalaxyS20Ultra, it looks a very unique. Even the new generation phone The Galaxy Z Flip, it is incredible speciale the foldable glass that you have innovate it.
You simply just know how to differentiate yourself in this huge competitor market. YOU ARE JUST ANOTHER NAME OF EVOLUTION.
Best wishes for more and more success and prosperity.

By the way, i have a page on facebook under name "WhyILoveSamsung", it is not so active but i am working on it.


No Bixby button and no Infinity Screen. Exactly what I've been hoping for. Great work Samsung! Thanks! Would be nice if the Ultra cam array would have fit on the Plus but there's limitations that can't be bypassed. Good work!



    With due reverence it is stated that i need a samsung S20 phone for reviewing it as many of my friend want to buy it but no body has an experience of using realme phones. I want to review it before launch event so that when it launches my friend could get my opinion and buy your Samsung S20
       Do kindly grant me a realme review set of Samsung S20 so i could tell my friend about my experiences with realme and they could buy this phone.
       I shall be grateful to you. Kindly grant me a review unit