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ICYMI: Unpacked Reveals Galaxy Note10 and More

Unpacked was unbelievable! I am so excited about the new devices that were unveiled. I can’t wait to get my hands on all of them. Here’s a list of what was announced and what makes them awesome:


Galaxy_Note10__Unpacked_Recap_Final.jpgGalaxy Note10: It’s no secret - this thing is a powerhouse. Whether you use it for work, gaming, making videos, or whatever else, you’re gonna love all that the Galaxy Note10 has to offer. It’s packed with features like:

  • Intelligent Battery: Davinci's intelligent battery uses an algorithm to learn from how you live to optimize your phone. Takes you through a day -- or more -- of work and life without ever giving out on you.
  • Super Fast Charge: I constantly fall asleep watching my favorite shows, so the fact that Davinci has Superfast Charge for hours of juice with just minutes of charge time is definitely going to make my mornings less stressful.
  • Cinematic Infinity Display: Speaking of streaming shows, Davinci’s immersive Infinity Display has nearly invisible bezels that create a seamless experience between viewing and creating, so I’m ready to go from watching my shows to full screen sketching.
  • Power of S Pen: I’m a big Harry Potter fan, and in more ways than one, the S Pen is the closest thing to a magic wand for a smartphone. I’m ready to take some perfect pics with a remote one-touch lens-switch and shutter button, control remotely with air gestures, seamlessly export handwriting to text in Microsoft Word, and switch lenses to capture pictures remotely. 
  • Pro-grade Camera:  Having high-powered pro lenses in my pocket means beautiful portraits, next level selfies, stunning landscapes and crisp super-closeups in any light. Safe to say my ‘gram is about to get a glow up. 
  • HyperFast 5G (only on 5G model): Plus, the D2 5G version, it will be so easy to search at the speed of thought and share and download everything HyperFast without WiFi on 5G ready networks.




Galaxy Tab 6: Nothing can slow you down with this new tablet. It comes with the new S Pen, which gives you incredible control. Also, when you use DeX and attach the keyboard you can create a PC-like experience, allowing you to do more anywhere you go. On top of that, the fast charging battery gives you more power, faster so you never have to worry about running out of charge.




Galaxy Book S: Take this powerful Notebook with you anywhere. The integrated gigabit LTE modem give you the ability to be connected, even when there isn’t WIFI. Paired with an awesome Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx processor and a 20-hour battery, there’s pretty much endless possibilities.




Galaxy Watch Active2:  If you’re looking for the smartwatch that can keep up with you then look no further. This bad boy has built in Auto Workout Tracking/Run Coaching to help you make and beat your goals. The new lightweight design also has a crazy multi-day battery. And anyone into crossfit might be interested in the super cool Under Armour addition.


These new devices are all SO cool. I can’t wait to play with them all.


‘till next time.



WARNING!!!!  Whatever you do DO NOT purchase this phone through samsung. I just had a horrible experience!  I was trying to purchase this phone through the samsung website since Jan. 2.  Samsung website had some issues and it forced me to wait until this week to purchase the phone.  When I tried to purchase the phone again last week - there were special promotions going on, however the website was not working and I was told that the issues would be resolved by Jan. 21.  Today I get an email that the website issues have been fixed.  I go on to purchase the phone and the promotions are no longer availasble and they said they are not going to honor any of them.  I stated that I tried to order the phone last week but couldn't because of issues on their website.  I was told that because the time of the promotions has passed, they can no longer honor any of the promotions.  In order for me to get the free accessories I would have now order the phone through them at a higher price pay for the accessories and then have the accessories refunded.  But this could only happen if I chose a method other than the carrier financing.  This was available last week even through the carrier financing.  I don't understand why I am being penalized when I tried to purchase the phone when the promotions were going on, but Samsungs website was not working properly and did not let me do it.


AVOID YOURSELVES THE TROUBLE AND ORDER THE PHONE SOMEWHERE ELSE THAT VALUES ITS CUSTOMERS!  I have been a faithfu Samsung customer for 16+ years.  After this experience, I am moving to iPhone. 


Try this website game to samsung galaxy
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I purchased the Note 10+ 512gb. I got the promotion code for $150.00. I tried to redeem my promotion code 4 separate occasions. I think it may have been mobile data issues but it would lock up and not process my code. I tried to use the code again today and was notified the code was no longer active. I called Samsung customer support and they said there is nothing they can do about it. I have always enjoyed Samsung products. I've always had a good experience with Samsung support. I am going to research every other competing product before I ever purchase another Samsung product. The principle behind this problem is enough to break a relationship of trust and confidence. If Samsung is willing to lose a true follower over $150 then that's exactly what they will get. I am thoroughly disappointed and how they jeopardize principal.


Can some one help me seting up my keyboard in galaxy note 10+ please see the attached pic and advice 

the problem is there is a globe icon key at the bottom right of the key pad after i install multiple language its supposed to be swift to change language, unable to get that and also at the top of the keyboard there you seet ... supposed to be (T) to change the bar i tryed so many setting but its still same please help me thank you20200202_105027.jpg


if you want a really big screen, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus is worth it, as it also offers more RAM and microSD expansion, in addition to longer battery life. However, overall, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is a large, ultra-premium phone.


Thanks for the information. Note 10 is really great smartphone.