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Community Manager
Community Manager

Let’s CREATE together!

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Are you a creator / artist / designer / photographer / illustrator / director? Or maybe you’re like me and just love to look at really cool stuff? Come on over to the Creator group and join both aspiring and professional creatives in sharing amazing work and tips on how to get the most out of your Samsung device.


Check out the group page here.


A few do’s and don’ts to help us all:


  • DO:
    • When sharing your work, try to provide the following information in this format: [DEVICE/MODEL] [FEATURE/APP/ACCESSORY USED] [LOCATION] [CATEGORY OF ART]
      • E.g., Galaxy S10 – Live Focus and Snapseed with a gimbal - Brooklyn, NY- Animal Photography
    • Join groups that align with your specialties and areas where you want to grow.
    • Guide others to threads that might interest them.
    • Be courteous of other users.
    • Report spam or scammers. Let’s keep each other safe.
  • DON’T:
    • Put down others’ art and accomplishments. We all create for our own reasons and in our own way. If you have constructive tips, add a tip card, but be respectful of others’ posts.
    • Share imagery that is not yours without proper credit to the owner.
    • Post art or topics outside of the dictated group/platform.
    • Post any solicitations or advertisements. Show off your skills and broadcast yourself, but don’t drop links, ads, or contacts.


Let’s go make stuff! I can’t wait to see what you’ve all been creating!




Made with Hydrographics. It was a hobby that got out of control and now it's a job. Hillbilly Hydrographics & Vinyl. You can Google us to see other work. 2 Harley's were ruff

Community Manager
Community Manager

@AirborneNCO very cool. Can't wait to see what else you drop into our Creator Group soon. 


Check out my Instagram page: Arq_Vfx. I have done a lot of photography with my Samsung phones.  


I'm new to Samsung and Android. I had an apple iphone since the very first so I decided to try this out and I've been playing with the cameras and apps. Any advice on apps would be greatly appreciated.

Samsung Galaxy S10+

Edited with Snapseed

Taken in Mexico City, MX

June 13, 2019




I need some additional features on samsung on built video editor. Where i can ask that. For update..??

Community Manager
Community Manager

@dclopez6600 Nice pic! Can't wait to see more of what you got in the Creator group.


Really interesting topic

Community Manager
Community Manager

@useralx2UzqQwn We think so too! Which Galaxy device do you use to take your pics?


Most of Pictures at our website taken by Samsung Phone. You can check all the events with the pictures. Thats best with picture quality. You can visit us at WSNE Consulting.


9 plus, live mode, Table Rock trails, OR    People/Animals42625792_10215314722735095_6361785939148144640_o[1].jpg

Cosmic Ray

I want to buy a Galaxy S10 already.  I have the S9+ . But these articles make me want it even more.  Thanks for the helpful tips. I will be upgrading soon. 






Night walks are fun with my S10+





Galaxy s9+

Cosmic Ray

Couldn't agree more. 


I'm so excited to connect with other photo geeks like me! It's hard when no one else around you gets how you can stand in your front yard, shooting morning dew grass shots for 2 hrs! (I'll have to show some of those shots off later). But I'm most excited to get tips/advise on taking better pics w/my S10 because at this point it's like a needle in a haystack to find even a halfway decent pic - I LOVE & DESPERATELY MISS MY S8, which I literally had thousands of killer pics to choose from. There's GOT to be SOMETHING that I can do to fix/improve this...right??? 🥴  Anyhoooo, again I'm super excited to share & learn from everyone! 


Great feature. Keep it up.




Great pic