Samsung Community: A New Look

Community Manager
Community Manager

We're sure you've noticed big changes on our Community Page. We've got a lot of exciting things in store, like new pages and ways to engage.


What's Changed?
Structure: We revamped the Community to give you a more organic experience. This means more visibility into what's going on with Samsung products and other members.
For example: When logged in, your Home Page shows your activity, any notifications, and gives you an overview of the top activity, posts, and topics you might like.
Levels: We're still working out the new Community levels system. If you notice your level missing or stalled, don't worry, it'll be fixed soon. Keep chatting and posting to up your credits.  
Get Help: We've heard all your questions and concerns and used them to create the Get Help section. This means more resources and room growth for everyone in our Community, new and old users. Going forward, you can direct all your technical support concerns here.


What's New?
The latest Samsung products. The newest gaming features. The best creation tools. You’ll find new ways to connect and stay up-to-date on your device's potential.

Welcome to the Community: Your place for all Samsung news and updates. Keep track of what's going on with devices, events, and features all on one page.

Groups: We carved out specific spaces for you to chat and share with people who have similar interests.

     •In the Creator group, you can share your favorite photos, features, apps, and tips on how to get the most out of your Galaxy device.

    • The Gamer group is your space to show off your best highlights, discover new games, and explore tricks to get your Galaxy device full of wins.