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Alarm malfunction

Alarm display functions does not show dismiss or snooze button after the latest update. It's frustrating to have to restart phone just to turn off the alarm.  Please rectify this issue as most users rely a lot on alarms. 


Re: Alarm malfunction

Couple of questions... 

  1. Are you using the standard alarm app or one from the play store that you downloaded
  2. Are you using any sort of theme that might not be developed for your operating system?  Some of the older themes can and will hide buttons and features.  If you are, turn off your theme to test it.  This was a common problem when UI first came out.  The themes that were in use wouldn't run under one UI.  

I am running the regular alarm app, but rarely use it.  I just tested it and I get the dismiss button, and the snooze button appearing and have tested both without problems.  But I don't use any theme on my phone.