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Android 10 update - notification limit - sleep mode

I have two main problems.


The first problem, which I cannot fix on my own, is the new Android 10 update that limits my phone to 24 unread app notifications. The limit used to be 49 unread notifications, which was still pretty low for twitter users. I wish Samsung would increase this limit to 100 unread app notifications. Google set the new limit with Android 10, but they left it up to phone manufacturers (i.e. Samsung) if they want to change it. Please increase the unread app notifications limit in the notifications panel/drawer to 100. Also, make it so we can read it from first to last. Unfortunately, it only allows us to read the last 8 tweet notifications first. This too is very annoying.


The second problem is my Note 9 not allowing real-time notifications while in sleep mode. I understand this is because of one of the earlier updates. Using an app, I have to leave my phone on all the time just to get my app notifications! Very annoyed Samsung hasn't fix this problem yet with a patch, as other Note 9 buyers had this problem also. It's also ridiculous I cannot disable the sleep mode in settings if I want to. Please fix this with a patch.



Re: Android 10 update - notification limit - sleep mode

24 notification is extreamly low for twitter does not make sense. 

I want to increase it to 100, how do i do that ? Can samsung modify and push the update with its touchwiz ?


This is very frustrating experience and motivates lots of users including me to move to IOS platform.  

I do not see any point to use phone, if apps are not serving the purpose.


I hope samsung will take this seriously and provide way to modify the setting to 100 atleast or "user controlled limit"