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Black liquid patch under the screen

Hey Samsung users! Am needing some advice for my phone! So over a year ago i dropped my note 9 on the floor and it got slightly cracked . On the top left corner of my note 9 screen a little black blotch (almost looks like an ink stain)  started to appear . I just ignored it since it was very tiny . Now till this day the blotch has became much bigger to the point that i struggle to look at stuff on my phone . I end up trying to zoom in . So overall i wanted to know if this is like some sort of liquid damage under the screen and if its possible to fix .


Re: Black liquid patch under the screen

Hi, I have the same problem on my Note 8, but I dont have a cracked screen, and havent dropped my phone. I have an ink like 'stain' under my screen at the top quarter to third, but it moves slightly when you move the phone. Very noticeable on the default/log in screen (before entering pin)


Screen currently seems to work fine


It would be nice to know what it is, what caused it, and if it can be fixed/reduced in size.