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Can I disable the piercing sound played in Bluetooth headset when an Emergency alarm pops up?

It is scary to hear the alarm at 100% volume through a Bluetooth headset when an Amber alert or other Emergency alert kicks off. Can I disable such annoyance for Bluetooth headset/speakers? When I am not with the headset, these emergency alerts will only vibrate the phone when it is muted.


I was working with a Bose QC30 plugged in my ears this morning. Suddenly, a piercing alarm shouted out and my eardrums hurt. When I pick up the phone, it was my state government asking all restaurants to serve meals outdoors only. I am using a Note 9.


Per the system setting, I don't see a granular option to disable **only** the alarm sound for these emergency alerts. The option is also gray for toggling Emergency Alerts for the Message app.