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Defective phone moisture error

This is the WORST PHONE I EVER OWNED! NEVER AGAIN WILL I GET A SAMSUNG OR A $1000 PHONE. my cheap lg lasted years even after dropping in coffee twice this thing from 2 months of owning it have had issues the defective blurry camera , this moisture detected alarm came on in the middle of the night WHILE CHARGING IT DID NOT GET WET, then the screen cracked even though I never dropped it and it's in a case so how my warranty is no good! Now this last week my charger wouldnt charge all the time so I wasted money on 2 new chargers and again it didnt work Samsung said to clear partition cache which seemed to fix it for a half a day then wouldmt charge again.(if the port was broken why would they suggest that I clear the partition cache?) The following day it was plugged into my car charger working fine i went into a store left it under my shirt in the car on the seaT NOWHERE NEAR LIQUID! I CAME BACK TO THE CAR PLUGGED IT IN AND THIS MOISTURE ALARM CAME ON EVERY TIME I PLUGGED IN THE CHARGER! NOW W NO WARRANTY AND A CRack they want $280 to fix the screen and port. I dont have that kind of money I have always been extremely gentle with this thing also . These must be defective or something . Never will I buy a Samsung anything again!

With so many issues of the same thing we need to contact attorneys. They scammed us out of tons of money. I need a phone for my job  I  cannot afford to have it fixed and continue making payments for another year!