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Galaxy Note 9 Official One UI 2.5 Update with Video!

This will be the last major update for our Galaxy Note 9. Long story short, this update is amazing! The first thing I noticed after the update was the clear dark screen (it was a bit yellowish on previous updates thought it was a defect but turns out to be software related).


Some Cool Features and Compatibilities!

  1. Wireless DeX

  2. SOS Messaging every 30min if location changes

  3. Video Pro Mode Histogram, 24 FPS on 4K and 1080p Pro Mode Video

  4. Keyboard Split when on landscape

  5. Live Caption

  6. Less usage of ram (1.7GB/6GB) Smiley Surprised

  7. Nova Launcher Full Gesture Works and to most of the launchers.


I actually flashed the stock rom of Germany on my device and seriously this is the best decision ever! Fluid performance and decent battery life!


Made couple of videos of One UI 2.5 on Galaxy Note 9 if you guys are interested to watch (
Official One UI 2.5 October 2020 Update for Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ and Note 9! Some of the cool features and my favorite, Wireless DeX! Check out the video a...
All the features of One UI 2.5 running on Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9 will be listed here. Thanks for your support!

Re: Galaxy Note 9 Official One UI 2.5 Update with Video!


I have updated my Note 9 to ONE UI 2.5

But still i have the color distortion happens when the brightness level is in the mid values.

i have posted a query in the community and waiting for reply from samsung

Can you share us the Base Band Version & Bulid version you recevied for One UI 2.5 Update.



Re: Galaxy Note 9 Official One UI 2.5 Update with Video!

I have not received the 2.5 update yet. I have an unlocked byod Note 9 on Metro by T-Mobile's network. Whom should I contact about this?