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Galaxy Note 9 lags and glitches

Since the day I got my Note 9 I have seen how bad of a job Samsung did with the software optimization. This is definitely not a 1K phone!


List of issues:


  • Face and iris don't seem to recognize my face/ iris all the time and there is a huge delay!
  • jumping in and out of apps isn't smooth and lags a lot of just crashes.
  • scrolling through the camera modes( Auto-Live Focus-Pro-Slomo) takes a long time to load or just glitches??
  • When you have the notification panel open and you hit the recent button you can see a big lag or a glitch.
  • switching between apps is really slow and laggy
  • Bixby Vision doesn't work half of the time
  • Apps take a lot of time to load compared to other Android devices.


Why can't Samsung fix these problems? I don't even want to get into the camera quality issues! Some please contact Samsung software developers and ask them to fix these bugs we are paying a thousand dollar for these issues? look at the new iPhones!  they are fast smooth and have better cameras.


Re: Galaxy Note 9 lags and glitches

I've noticed a ton myself !! I'm starting to hate this phone !!


Re: Galaxy Note 9 lags and glitches

I have been having issues as well I have turned down my screen resolution and it seems to be working better now. Give that a shot and let me know if that works for you.