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Little To no Audio with Nest Products

I'll start by saying this: Google Nest Says this is NOT their problem, It is a Samsung S9 and above issue that Samsung must fix. I undertand that Samsung would rather deflect responsibilty to Google Nest, but really, I don't think it is... and I need Samsung to get this issue fixed... ASAP..


My home is Google automated and getting more google automated by the day. All of my electronices however, including my TV (s), Refrigerator and Washer and Dryer are Samsung product... I really need the 2 to get along.


I have a Google Home Nest Hub Max and a Google Nest Hello Front Doorbell. I can not adequately use the two way talk feature on either of them using my wifes Note9 or my own. Either there is no volume at all, or it is too low to hear, or there is a lot of feedback (whistling and ringing).


However, the google products work perfectly using my son's Samsung S4, my daughters LG, my granddaughters I-Phone, or even the ZTE cheap phone we have as a spare. It also works fine with my MacBook and my son and daugthers HP Laptops they have issued to them from their schools. It also works well with my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and my wifes Kindle (which is amazing since google and amazon don't like each other).


I have researched and I have found I am not the only S9 or higher person with this issue. It is a known problem by both Google and Samsung with each saying it is the others issue not theirs and no one actually doing anything to get it fixed.


I however, given all that I have stated above, lean to the fact that it is a Samsung problem with this series of phones and I need samsung to address it.... like now...


thank you for your quick response to this issue. 


Re: Little To no Audio with Nest Products

What is the point of this "community" if samsung doesn't respond to anything?

My wife and I have been loyal Galaxy users since the s3. on the s10 currently.  About to lose us to the Pixel if they can't figue out the issue with Nest.