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Low light Flash photos are foggy with very poor exposure

I've looked all over the internet, I've watched every YouTube video and I've scoured the Samsung Members app reading through all possible articles and forum posts that relate and after more than 2 weeks of searching, I'm unable to find any answers that mention, let alone address my low light, flash photography issue. When taking low light flash photographs with my Note 9s native camera and app and shooting with both the Priority as well as Manual modes, both yeilding the same poor results, furthermore, also in each shooting mode setting the flash on auto as well as manual mode yielding no improvement or differentiation between poor images. I've been a photographer for over 35 years and I'm very well versed with photography,electronics maybe even Samsung UI Expert statusSmiley Happy and I cannot figure out this issue. I've u installed and reinstalled the camera app with no change or improvements. After looking at my devices flash up close with a magnifying glass the flash is not broken or cracked in any way. I'm using a clear soft shell case in which I've taken off and it makes no difference in the result. I also have a glass camera screen protector that sits directly over the 2 lenses and is cut out around the flash and the 3 heartrate sensors directly to the left of the flash and the edge of the glass protector is placed perfectly not interfering with 1.5mm of clearance all the way around the flash. Pls. advise pics attached I would greatly appreciate help.. Thank you in advance

Paul Cutrona