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NP900X5J-K01US need to flash BIOS, need file and utility, to try to fix keyboard issue

The keyboard was replaced after a liguid spill that left the middle keys not working; the new one has the same keys not working. I want to re-flash the bios in case it got corrupted when the keyboard shorted. Hopefully that will fix it or I have to replace an expensive motherboard. Samsung support has led me around in circles to tell me "No"; because there is no updated bios for this model, it is not listed in downloads nor will the "Software Updater" show it, assuming why would you want it if not an update? And no one at Samsung nor their repair center will send it to me, saying they have no access, etc. etc. Does anyone have the bios file, and the utility to flash it? Or can extract it and save it from the same model? I really want to do the complete flash, including boot block, to see if it revives the keyboard. If it doesn't work, it means the keyboard chip got compromised on the motherboard and I nedd a new (very expensive) motherboard. Help!!