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New Note 9 not downloading Pictures from cloud

So my Note 8 let out the magic pixie dust and I picked up a Note 9.  


I was able to restore everything from a previous backup of my Note 8.  The only real issues I am having is trying to sync all my pictures that are on the cloud to my phone.  I can go see all the pictures in the Cloud Gallery, and I have syncing enabled but they are not transferring.  It is just stuck at saying "Syncing..."  and has been like that for the past day.   Also trying to restore apps/data is not working either.  It just asks if I want to download and install the apps, but once I clcik yes, it does not do anything.

Red Giant

Re: New Note 9 not downloading Pictures from cloud

i'm assuming that u already logged into the google account for the playstore to let ur phone download the apps and samsung account for the cloud.


that being said, install samsung+ app and click on "send feedback" then attach all the screenshots regarding the issue you are having and submite for samsung engineers to take a look at.