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Not fair

I was incredulous when I saw that Samsung did not intend to update the Note 9 with Android 11!

After having announced that their devices would have 3 updates, it seems that Note 9 is not a child, it is stepson ... It is not fair!

Note 9 came out and after a few days it was receiving an update for Android 9 ... that is ... if it came out a month later, it would come with Android 9 installed, so the update for now android 11 would be the second update because calling this update a third .... It is not fair!

Watching phones like the S10 lite that have the same note 9 system being updated (realizing that there is nothing in the note 9 in terms of the system that prevents it) ... It's not fair!

I hope Samsung will step back and recognize this injustice towards its consumers and fans. For those who support and finance the business are not treated like this.

Finally, I would like this message of mine and the release of what I feel at this moment to reach anyone who can do anything to correct this injustice.

My deepest thanks if that happens.

Bruno B.


Re: Not fair

Note 9 originally launched with Android 8/Oreo, making Android 9/Pie the first major OS Update and Android 10 the second major update. Samsung also said that any devices released since the S10 would be getting 3 major updates. It falls on the chipset maker (Qualcomm in this case) to make sure there are updates for the new Android OS updates that come out each year. If there isn't going to be an update for it, then the phone makers are unable to update those devices