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Note 9 July 2020 security update and one UI 2.1

Today 07-27-2020, I downloaded the July 2020 security update for my unlocked US Note 9.  This update had the one UI 2.1 update included.  A couple of new buttons showed up like Music Share and Call and Text on other devices.  Additionally there were some new things for the camera app.  When I went into the camera app, the first thing I noticed while switching between different photo and video modes was that there is clearly a new noise coming from the lens group.  It sounds like a higher pitch "klacking" noise almost like the lenses are hitting each other when changing photo or video shooting modes.  Has anyone else noticed this new sound while in the camera app? Could it cause damage to anything?  This sound has never been present since I bought the phone new.  Thoughts are welcome.  Thanks.

Re: Note 9 July 2020 security update and one UI 2.1

I downloaded the update too and checked the camera and clearly there's a sound that wasn't there before.