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Note 9 speaker is distorted. What does this mean, and how can I fix?

Just bought my note 9 second hand from a reputable Ebay seller. It was not mentioned in the description but when it arrived i quickly realized that the sound was a little fuzzy. I contacted the seller and it was said that the phone didn't have this problem when it was in their possession. Everything else concerning this device is pretty good, so I'm not too eager to send it back. I've done some research and found out that other Note 9 users are experiencing the same problem after the one ui update. When I bought the device the description stated that it was running Android Oreo, but I factory reset and updated my device as soon as it shipped. Rn I'm guessing that when the seller had it, it was running oreo and the sound was fine, but updating it caused the audio to become distorted. I don't know, does anyone else have any ideas? I really came her for possible solutions though, so if any might have some pls leave a comment.