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Phone hacked



My phone was hacked by my boss through wifi, now if i want to make sure it was my boss who did this and sue him, what do i need to do to make samsung tell me the person who hacked my phone?

Because i been in contact with samsung services and they did their investigation and they told me that my phone has been hacked thru wifi but they refused to give me any informations about who did this?

My first complain was about all my work documents and photos have been deleted from my samsung cloud, just my work forder, and also i have been recieving like a live group chat from too many people chatting to each others a d this happens everytime i go on a meeting with my boss.


Can you please tell me what legal documents do you need to give me the name of the perso  who hacked my phone? Because if it was someone i may know i would sue them for hacking my privacy especially i have personal family pictures that i keep for myself not for everyone to see!

Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: Phone hacked

@userKlBJ5jDrtv hi there! This is a very strange and disturbing situation indeed. The Samsung Community isn't the best place to ask for such specific information, if it can be obtained at all. If you are serious about taking legal action against your boss, an attorney would know the proper channels (and what you can actually do) in this regard. This is not legal advice and I am not a lawyer. Hope you can get everything sorted out!