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Repair or replacement cancelation note 9

I have been on and off the phone for 15+ hours and trying for 2weeks to get help with a repair, and have had the exact same results.


I had a repair done to my phone by Samsung care and when it was repaired it later stopped working again. I took it into a different Samsung care shop and they said they did not seal the phone correctly compromising the waterproofing on the phone. Now the phone has shut off completely. I tried for a week and got the run around for hours on end before finally having one person help me get a shipping label. I sent in my phone completely following every direction, sent in my proof of purchase (multiple times) and they received my phone. I get a text message today saying that my phone ticket # was canceled. They have my smart phone AND canceled my ticket number.

My ticket number was canceled at least 4 or 5 times already, and now I'm stuck with no phone. They informed me that they would repair or replace my phone free of charge because the Samsung repair was not correctly done, and now my $900 phone is in a warehouse.


I have been on hold for an hour waiting for a representative after getting 'transfered' to a new agent. Haven't heard a sound on the other end still.


My phone is what I use for my school and I have no access to any of my tools anymore.


Please help


Update: I have been on this call for over 2 hours 20 minutes. Still on holdScreenshot_20200325-144519_Phone.jpg


Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Repair or replacement cancelation note 9

I would look into this issue for you. Can you send me a private message using this link here? Provide the following information. 

  • lastest Transaction number