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Robotic Text Messages

I am receiving robotic text messages from random phone numbers with links attached.    I've tried replying with STOP only to have them continue from another number.  Any way to get them stopped?


Re: Robotic Text Messages

Oooooo... I HATE them people...  Not much you can do.  I'm on AT&T and they have a deal.  No idea that it's going to do any good.  AT&T want's us to text forward the message to "SPAM".  (7726).  Then they send a reply back asking for the number.  I forward them the number and they say that they will investigate it.  (yeah.. right.. )  Then I blacklist the number.  

I got one this morning and forwarded it to them..  Dead Silence.  No automated response.  Nothing but dead air.  No idea if the system is still running.  

The new thing that I hate is something that just started up.  6 am the other morning, I get a text saying something about how this girl was lonely and wanted someone to text her back.  Checked the text and it was sent out to 20 different people, with 20 different Area Codes.  That rapidly turned into a cluster.  Then I got another one....  Then I got one to 20 people all in my area code.  

Now the robo callers are adding something new.  Black list one number and the next text is from the same number +1.  

20 year sentence and a 5 million dollar fine wouldn't be high enough.