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S Pen opens notification shade if I tap anywhere in the lower half of the screen

If I use the Note 9's S pen anywhere in the lower half of the screen, or in the top bar of any app, the notification shade tries to open.  If I tap, the notification shade pops up for a moment as though I've tapped the notification bar, and if I tap and drag downward, the notification shade opens.  This happens on any app, except for the s pen shortcuts bubble screen.  I basically can't use the lower half of the screen with the S pen.

Device is up to date, apps are all up to date, and I would reset the s pen if it gave me the option, but I cannot find the option to reset it. There is no 3 dots menu in the s pen settings. I've tried disabling air actions and all the gesture stuff for the s pen. I don't have any customization apps.

Any ideas?