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Samsung Premium Care

I purchased a Note 9 phone, cracked the screen and got a replacement phone through Samsung premium care. 


A year later, the replacement phone is malfunctioning. So I put in a claim through Samsung Premium Care. Apparently, when I got the replacement phone, the IMEI number wasn't transferred. So Asurion kept having me talk to different reps to get this resolved. Finally , after 10 reps, they said I should call Samung customer service and have them transfer the IMEI number. So I spoke to Samsung and the rep said all was taken care of and I could continue with the claim.


So I followed up with Asurion, and they said the IMEI number wasn't transferred and that I had to call back Samsung. So I did. Then Samsung said my claim needs to be escalated again and it will take several days.


After about 15 reps and spending hours trying to figure this out, I just wanted my money back for the time I was paying for insurance for a phone I didn't even own. So I asked for a refund. Now, Samsung is making me talk to 4 different reps and making me wait hours to talk to a supervisor. 


This is the worst customer service I've ever had. After this experience, I won't be purchasing a Samsung phone and switching over to an IPhone.