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Samsung note 9 Battery drain issue

Hi, I am very pleased with samsung since last 6 years, but now i am little disapointed, with my new note 9 purchased 4 days back as its draining battery faster then any phone i have purchased in my life time. i i need your help to know if the phone is having any issues or the software needs to be done updated is really heart breaking..... 


Surprisingly people at getting 22hr battery on one charge. whooo 


Please help 



Max Telis 

Cosmic Ray

Ok so , there is a video on youtube about how to fix your...

Ok so , there is a video on youtube about how to fix your phone . But there various things you can do to fix your phone.

1) try your best to delete any 3rd part application that you donot use.

2) try to use the day/night mode on your smartphone.

3) use black wallpaper. It will help stop from draing the battery.

4) clear your cache partition .

5) Donot charge your phone 100% charge it only to 90% while you are trying these tips. Because you are making your phone work twice. It might get heat up.

6) use original samsung charger and wire.

7) turn off your device wait for 10 sec and than press the volume up button and the lock button than your device will go to the recovery mode where you will press the erase cache partotion with lock button to press select and reboot your phone.

Now for the final part .

8) Go to the dialer or phone application and dial these numbers ( *#0228#) which will take you to the other screen just press on the quick start and wait for couple of seconds and than restart your phone again . Than let your phone drain to zero % until it shuts down now wait for couple of seconds and charge your phone again to 100 % do not turn it on untill it reaches 100% .

Cosmic Ray

This whole process only takes about 15 minutes taking the...

This whole process only takes about 15 minutes taking the charging and draing the battery out completely . Just go to youtube the first video which pops up shows how to fix drainge problem for note 9 and it will help you . It helped me big time and hey be patient.