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Screen turned to blue and did not response me

I purchased a Note 9 a year ago in Vietnam. My phone used to work well until i updated software months ago. It (Screen turned to blue) happended first time in Mar 2020, but i thought my phone was over heat, then i covered in by plastic bag and put it in refrigerator. It worked that time, the screen became normal. However, my Note 9 became over heat frequently. I have just updated SW yesterday since i thought i could help. But No!!!! It made my phone's Screen turned to blue and did not response me now. I could not take my data back via cable!!!!

Should i pay to Samsung to let them repair my Note? Will it work? I was a Samsung fan with few Samsung phones in my collection. But it happend to me suddenly. How bad is it if i was in amergency, with phone, but i could not make a call?

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Screen turned to blue and did not response me



Thank you for reaching out, I can understand your concern experiencing these symptoms. This forum is for the support of US models and since support is limited for non-US models I would recommend going to and reaching out to the country of origin for the fastest resolution to your issue. Thank you for being the best part of Samsung!