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Screen write is messed up after the update

I just updated my perfectly fine Note 9 that i use every day and every minute to work on documents on the go. I always use screen write future to take quick notes, which is exactly why i own a Samsung note, to take notes on the screen. Now, after the update i see that it has lost all its practicality, by fitting the screen in an annoying frame, which is VERY disturbing when i read and write on the screen. Obviously some very intelligent and creative person decided that it is an improvement to the future without doing any beta test with the real users of Samsung Note phones. I have been a real supporter/fan of Samsung Note series and also Samsung tablets throughout the years, but now i am seriously reconsidering my devotion to the brand. There has been many changes to many futures, there were performance issues after updates and such, but i always forgave it thinking they could have been bugs that weren't encountered during test etc.. This time it is not a bug. This is a design, it's intentionally coded in the software making the screen write future unusable. It's inexcusable. Screenshot_20200525-160842_Samsung capture.jpg