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Settings page touchscreen nonresponsive


I cannot make any changes or even view content in Settings. The touchscreen works justs fine everywhere else. As soon as I enter Settings or a related page (like details on a current wifi connection, the touchscreen becomes nonresponsive. I cannot scroll down. I cannot enter the links. The home button works, and sometimes the back button if I press a few times, so I can exit. But I can't access any of the info in or modify settings because the screen freezes, which is beyond frustrating. 

Thanks for your help.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Settings page touchscreen nonresponsive



Have you updated the software recently or are you able to check if you are up to date on software? I would recommend testing your device in safe mode to see if you still experience these symptoms. You can put your phone in safe mode by doing the following.


Press and hold the power button until power off, restart, and emergency mode appears.

Tap and hold on the power off option until it changes to safe mode.

Select safe mode and your device will reboot into safe mode. 

Navigate to settings and test if your symptoms persist. 


Let me know how it performs while in safe mode!