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The phone vibrates whenever I try to zoom in more than 1.5x., and/or using the telephoto lens.



I am currently using a galaxy note 9 as my daily driver, and I am quite disappointed with the phone, especially in the camera department.


Whenever I use the camera (the default camera), if I don't zoom in, then there is no problem whatsoever. However, right after I start to zoom in by 1.5x or higher, the phone starts to vibrate, and the preview of the picture becomes distorted and very unclear. This issue also happens whenever I am trying to capture a video (when I want to focus on the scene a bit far away), and as well as live focus. It sometimes happens when I am shooting on Pro Mode. If I switch to the telephoto lens, the phone will start to vibrate and make a small noise (sort of like a buzzing sound), and it will not stop until I turn it off or switch back to the primary lens. 


If I was to take a picture when the preview already looks distorted or blurred, then the saved image will be in that terrible quality. Videos remain the same, which is quite disheartened. 


Now, investing so much money on a phone just to get basic camera/video functions is really not worth $1100 in my opinion. I believe with that large amount of money, I expect high-end camera performance with little to no sort of issue. Even using the normal lens, some pictures don't come out the way that Samsung advertised during its unpacked event last year, but that isn't the big concern. Regardless of that, I want to use the zoom-in feature,  but unfortunately, with this sort of issue that I am currently experiencing, I am unable to acquire any of those features. Basically, I am able to take macro shots but unable to shoot from a distance. 


I've had this issue from a long time (probably like 7-8 months now), but since today this issue really got me upset, I went to do some research and I found out about this forum. I am looking forward to some answers to this issue. 

I've done multiple restarts, went into safe mode, clear cache partitions, and none of these worked, so I believe this is not really a software issue, but more of a hardware issue. My phone is still on warranty.


I am truly sorry for this lengthy complaint, I express my sincere gratitude for your time in reading my post and I am looking forward to some help in solving this issue. I am hoping that this issue will solve as quickly as possible. 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: The phone vibrates whenever I try to zoom in more than 1.5x., and/or using the telephoto lens.

Hey there! 


I can certainly understand your frustrations regarding this. I will gladly assist you with getting you taken care of. Since you have tried all troubleshooting steps to no available and the symptoms still persist. I would recommend a service repair. Please send a private message here with the following information.


Model Number:

IMEI Number: