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Volume Problem

Hello, ive been googling about my problem but i couldnt find any other post that has the same issue as me.


My Note 9 instantly switches too 0% volume on random intervals and sometimes then goes back by itself, but usually goes back when i unlock the phone or when i adjust the volume back up.


Its super random ive tried disabling all notifications because at first i thought it happend due to a notification or something but nope....


I dont have any AUX accessories to test this with since everything i own is bluetooth, but it happens to everything i have... which i will list below here


Bose Soundtouch 20

Galaxy Buds 

Sony 1000xm3

Marshall Kilburn II

Bose Frames

JBL Pulse II


To describe the problem in one go, basically the music is just playing for it to be cut off very fast, the volume doesnt slowly go down from whatever % i am at to 0 it just jumps whatever % to 0 just like if you'd press a mute button on a TV for example.


When i do unlock my phone and the music does not resume by itself as usually happens when  i unlock it, i find that the volume slider is at 0% so thats why i believe the problem has to do with the volume slider..


I know that what ima say next is very vague, but ive already tried the most obvious troubleshooting involving settings etc...



Thanks in advance!




Re: Volume Problem

I m facing the same issue with boat rokerz and airpods 2. The developer options setting is also not helping