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Worst customer service received for note 9

Hey there,

I am struggling with the worst customer service experience with Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Its charging spot not working and it happens 3rd time with me. 

I want new piece in exchange and the reply due to physical damage it's not possible.

I will ready to pay for damage and still my request is not accepted.

I talk with case manager and he told me to come again to me within a day.

I haven't received any call from them.

I did same again call in service centre and try to reach them not properly answered then got a call from them and said have to talk with upper management will come to you tomorrow.

Its 4th day now and I still not get any call from them.

I gave my phone to centre approximately 12 if June and still waiting for proper answer.


Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: Worst customer service received for note 9

Hi @userlvCdwfR1Z0 


It's a little bit hard to understand what the issue is exactly, but sounds like your phone has some physical damage and if that's the case, unfortunately it voids the warranty. They won't accept any offers to pay for the repair to them replace the phone, I just don't think that's how it works. The warranty is to cover any kind of manufacturing defects, but once the phone is known to be physically damaged, it is assumed that whatever issues it might have might be caused by whatever caused the damage, even if they might not appear to be related to that damage it's virtually impossible to tell how the internal components might have been affected.

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