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advanced text messages

I have the Samsung 128g Note 9. I have it with the sprint carrier. they have this new thing called rcs. I turned on chat settings I was under the impression that all my contacts would be able to communicate with me using this service as all of us have Samsung devices. My sister has a S8 (Tmobile). My mom and my step father recently upgraded to samsung Galaxy s10+. My girlfriend has a s10. Shes also outside the network. So there advanced text messaging outlay is up to date. Such as read receipts, indication of typing. High definition MMS. Even group chat. But still I can only see the typing indication, whenever I communicate with my parents. I see the delivery, and read reports. But not with the other two stated above. I took it upon myself to do some research. I came to the conclusion that advanced messaging from tmobile, apparently doesnt support other device's outside of Samsung, it doesn't even carry across carriers. I recently have been on many forums researching the subject. I did some trouble shooting to see if that could help. when that didnt work I went to tech support. That stated I go to enchanced messages and there I would see different options in settings for messages especially chat. I dont even have that feature on my phone. Do different carriers offer different perks for the same device? Furthermore when that didnt work. I went to YouTube. They told me battery optimization< orange

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Re: advanced text messages

@Samsung_L1erO2a There are few carriers in the USA supports RCS as of today and Sprint is one of them but the other big carriers are said to be on the work for RCS interoperability with each other.

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Goodluck with that. I been waiting for the longest. I hav...

Goodluck with that. I been waiting for the longest. I have a note 9 unlocked phone. I will never buy a unlocked phone no more. You loose alot of good features and etc when you buy unlocked devices. It's sad but hey what can I say...