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no supported apps for this tag installed NFC after android 10

I've seen this issue pop up around on other forums and the eu samsung community as well as the note 10 board here. Don't see it yet for the note 9 so I'm creating this post. Received the android 10 ui 2.0 yesterday and since i use google pay and have a wallet case, everytime i unlock my phone, i get the error and it is very frustrating. Never got the issue before and always had nfc on so I could checkout with my phone. Now, I either have to turn nfc off and on everytime, deal with the error, or stop using my wallet case. This obviously was not an issue before as I never got the message, especially not every singe time I unlock the phone. 

I understand this isn't a security issue, or an issue that renders the phone unusable but it is a very aggravating issue that really frustrates me and obviously a lot of other people from the small amount of searching i've done about it.